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Outdoor Blowjob

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It's Summer-Time! And cruising around the Gay-Sex-Places in the public Park is always Fun! When Mike came across he saw a guy he never saw before. His Name was Andrew. As they had eyecontact they knew that they were both horny and ready for some sex behind the trees! They greet each other and rapidly head over to the place behind the big trees. This is a great Place for Sex, because people around can't see you! Andrew lifts his pants and let his hard penis jump out! Andrews Dick has a good size and he has shaved his pubes! Mike takes a look at the hard cock, smiles, goes down on his knees and starts to suck the dick while he unzips his pants and start to wank while he sucks. Young Boy is sucking the Dick of another Teenboy in the Park - What is more fun then this in the summer?


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Shower Boy

Hidden Cam Shower

What do you think: Was it a hidden Cam in the Shower? Did he made this Pic by his own?

Or was it his boyfriend who took this horny photo?

We may will never know.... But one is for sure: This 18 year old Teen-Boy is GREAT!!! :)

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